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Information and counselling 

The labour exchange provides information on all aspects of the labour market related issues: about free job vacancies, situation in the labour market, skills demand. Information is provided in the local labour exchange offices individually, in groups, either directly (face-to-face) or remotely (by phone, e-mail, the internet, etc.).

Local labour exchange specialists provide information on:

  •          free job vacancies and requirements for applicants, job description, functions and terms of payment;
  •          profession selection, profession requirements, training and studying opportunities;
  •          vocational training and qualifications, their acquisition, upgrading and retraining conditions and procedures, qualification demand and forecasts;
  •          labour market services and procedures of providing these services;
  •          employment support measures and the conditions of participation;
  •          job search (e-services, EURES) career opportunities.

At the service of persons who are seeking information independently there are available open information divisions at local labour exchange offices, youth job centers, open information terminals, information boards.