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When Lithuania regained its independence, the Law on Employment of Population was drafted and passed on 13 December 1990. Since 15 June 2006, this law was titled as the Law on Support for Employment. In summer of 2010, the Law was amended by adding youth under 29 years of age to the group of persons additionally supported in the labour market. According to the law, the Lithuanian Labour Exchange and its local offices is one of the key institutions implementing the employment support policy.


The main services of the Lithuanian Labour Exchange are provision of information which helps jobseekers to find a job or acquire professional knowledge; counselling which contributes to increasing motivation of jobseekers; employment intermediation which helps jobseekers to find a suitable job and the employers – to find suitable employees; planning of individual activities with a view of supporting for employment.


To support youth employment, the Lithuanian Labour Exchange has established branches – Youth Job Centers. The main task of these centers is to prompt young people‘s integration into the labour market, to assist them in getting better understanding about  the social environment and the labour market, and to solve their employment. The services are free of charge, and registration is optional.


37 Youth Job Centers operate throughout Lithuania. They:

  • provide information and counselling for young jobseekers;
  • introduce to young people the world of professions;
  • organize informative events and practical training, assist in preparation for job interviews, consult on how to introduce yourself to an employer, how to be motivated in searching a job promote entrepreneurship 

Youth Job Centers provide:

  • free of charge internet for job search
  • profession descriptions and  informative movies about occupations
  • professional orientation tests
  • information about conditions for studies in higher education institutions consultation on writing CV and a motivational letter 

There are many components inside the system of the Lithuanian Labour Exchange, but for external clients they represent a single point of contact. That is our website, self-information centres and support from the personnel using ICT. In any case the client gets full and accurate information about current situation in labour market, open job vacancies, and advice for job-search procedures and etc.


For more information please visit Lithuanian Labour Exchange website or contact:


Jūratė Baublienė
Head of Communication Division
Assistant to the Head of PES
Lithuanian Labour Exchange under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour
Geležinio Vilko str. 3 A, Vilnius, Lithuania
tel. +370 5 2360799


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