Employment of foreigners 

Member States (EU, EEA and Switzerland) nationals and their family members intending to work in Lithuania under an employment contract do not need to obtain a work permit. These people may take part in recruitment procedures and find jobs under the same conditions as Lithuanian nationals. However, individuals wishing to work in the civil service, law enforcement institutions and in certain other areas must be citizens of the Republic of Lithuania.

Non EU, EEA and Switzerland nationals must obtain a work permit before entering the country if they intend to work in Lithuania. A work permit may be issued to a foreigner if there is no specialist in Lithuania meeting the employer’s qualification requirements. Employer should register a vacancy within local labour exchange one month before submitting an application to issue a work permit. A work permit is issued to a foreigner for a period of up to two years, specifying the job (position) and the enterprise, agency or organisation at which the foreigner will be employed.

To be employed as an intern or trainee, a foreigner should be not younger than 18 and not older than 30, have higher education or study in a higher school and should seek to improve the Lithuanian language skills or his/her professional competence, or to acquire additional qualification. For employment as an intern or trainee work permit is issued for a period of one year and its period of validity may be extended on an exceptional basis.

A foreigner who enters Lithuania to take up seasonal employment is issued a work permit for a period of up to six months in a year.

A foreigner’s application to issue a work permit in Lithuania must be examined within two months from the date of receipt of the application at the Lithuanian Labour Exchange. An employer, no later than within 2 months from the day of issue a work permit for a foreigner, must submit the employment contract to the local labour exchange office for approval (in 2 copies in the Lithuanian language and a language which a foreigner understands). If an employer fails to submit the employment contract within the specified time period, the Lithuanian Labour Exchange withdraws the issued work permit.

For further information please contact Lithuanian Labour exchange

info@uzt.lt  / +370 70055155


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