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Lithuanian PES
Labour Market
Legal acts
Information for employers 

Apply to the local labour exchange if:

  • You want to register job vacancies and select employees yourself;
  • Employees should be selected according to your requirements;
  • You look for employees for temporary (seasonal) works;
  • You are changing technologies and need to retrain the employees;
  • You establish new jobs and you can hire persons with additional employment guarantees;
  • You provide an opportunity to the unemployed to acquire initial work experience or improve them at work place - you want to organise works financed from the Employment Fund.

Labour exchange finances:

  • Improvement of skills or retraining of employees, who are to receive note of dismissal, in case when you provide them with job;
  • Preparation of the specialists that you need from the registered unemployed;
  • Establishment of new jobs when adaptation of work places requires additional expenses: when employing a disabled individual - up to 24 minimum salaries for one work place, for other persons with additional employment guarantees - up to 12 minimum salaries for one job place;
  • If upon recommendation of the state labour exchange you place unemployed individuals and other persons into public works, the Employment Fund every month covers 50 %of their wage, calculated according to the established by the state minimum hourly wage and from this amount expenses relating to the state social insurance payments;
    Priority is given to non-profit enterprises and organisations, which are supported from the State and municipal budgets, as well as to other employers, who take an obligation to create new permanent jobs. Only those public works, which maintain and develop local social infrastructure, are financed from the Employment Fund.
  • If upon recommendation of the state labour exchange you place unemployed persons into supported works, every month the Employment Fund will cover minimum monthly wage, at an amount confirmed by the Government of Lithuania, and from this amount calculated expenses of social insurance payments.
  • Depending on the situation on local labour market and financing possibilities, labour exchange initiates organisation of supported works, in all types of enterprises, institutions and organisations which within last 6 months corresponded to the following conditions:
    • Carried out active economic activity;
    • Declared income and paid taxes established in accordance with the laws;
    • Did not reduce number of employees;
    • Did not stand idle, which occurred neither due to the fault of employees nor to the forced partial employment.

Priority to organise supported works is given to the employers, who established permanent jobs and contributed to the development of local economic and social structure.